31 Women

Linda Christensen Picnic - 31  Women


Oil on Canvas  
60 x 60 in

As a California Bay Area native, Linda Christensen has always drawn inspiration and serenity from her natural surrounds, especially the coast. In her evocative paintings of ocean landscapes and domestic interiors, Christensen pays homage to the universality of human emotion. More than merely observing the figure, the viewer is invited to sympathize with the subject. Christensen states: “It is not enough to simply observe; we understand ourselves and others through feeling, through checking in emotionally. As a child I was always in tune with the subtle shifts in mood of those around me and this sensitive observation of strangers has continued to inspire my work as an artist.” When reflecting upon the work of other women artists, Christensen recalls writing about Gabriele Münter in college and being impressed by her use of both line and color, as well as her perseverance as a woman artist more than a century ago. Münter was married to artist husband, Wassily Kandinsky and found it difficult to be recognized in her own right as a painter. She admires Squeak Carnwath for her deeply personal work that, like Christensen, has connections to childhood. She is also inspired by Joan Mitchell’s abstraction and Dorothea Lang’s ability to capture the emotions of the time through photography.

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